Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Assignment done and dusted :>>>>>>

I have just printed my last assignment for my Diploma of Bowen Therapy.  I will post it off Monday.
Next month I have a big practical assessment with a couple of instructors and then I will be a Diploma Qualified Bowen Therapist!!!! Has taken three years. Over the next couple of years I will probably do the Masters too.  I really have to study hard for the next couple of weeks and I am already feeling sick with nerves over the impending assessment. slap, slap, suck it up princess (to self).

The countdown is on til our USA trip...... Sept 16 roll on!! It is so exciting to finally be meeting our cousins' wife Tanja and to see our cuz again.  It has been a couple of years since we saw him last.

There has been a few hurdles here of late.  Amy has separated from her boyfriend and there has been a lot of issues to deal with, but anyway, things seem to be looking up now (fingers crossed).

I have to take Billy to hire a suit as his Year 12 formal is next month. Only 14 weeks left of school for year 12 :>  then he is full time with his Auto Electrician Apprenticeship.

Amy is motoring along working at the Pharmacy and is doing very well as an Intimo Consultant.