Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photography class and editing with Ziggy Ziegler

I know I have over edited some of these pics but I am really happy with the results!! :>
The first is the original and the next is the edited photo.

I went to Collinsville for a 2 day manual photography and editing class with professional photographer Ziggy Ziegler.  Unfortunately because of the rain, we didn't get to take photos of the sunset or sunrise.


  1. Great photos Lea. I love your really brings out the main features of the photos.

  2. :( What about me??? You missed out on saying how wonderful it was to stay with me and spend all weekend hanging with me....

    BTW I love your editing and the photos!

  3. Love your work!!! Sounds like a fun week end.

  4. And I spent the weekend with the beautiful Shaz Dalton and had a ball!!;)

  5. Hi Lea - if every second photo is your edited ones then I LOVE your editing for art's sake - you have made the pictures (especially the two window ones) look like fantastic pieces of art.

    Debbie M