Friday, March 11, 2011

Whos been a bad blogger then..........

That would be mwah!!  I have been busy working at the Ortho practise and doing assignments for my Diploma in Bowen Therapy.  I will be so glad when it is finished.
We have just  booked a holiday to USA in September.  Apart from New Zealand we haven't been overseas before... a bit scared but excited :>


  1. ohhhhhhh how exciting - it is always good to have something fun to look forward to :) feel the fear and do it anyway is my moto at times like this - enjoy every minute including the countdown

  2. Oh will have the best time in the
    US!! its an amazing place to visit, just take an open mind, your sense of humor & a LOT of shopping money :0) Were are you visiting??

  3. Wow how exciting for you all!!! What fun!

  4. Hi Kylie, we are going to San Francisco, Seattle to see my cousin and his wife and then New York.