Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are having an 18th birthday party for our daughter next Friday. Yesterday I sat down and pulled out her Scrapbook Albums with the thought of having them available at the party for people to look at, and have realised that I haven't done very many of her baby photos!!!!
So now I am madly trying to churn out about 12 los that look half decent by Friday.
I was going to attempt to make her cake, but went to the Cheesecake Shop and had a look at the Birthday Cakes that they do. I have chosen one that I think will look gorgeous and I pick it up Friday arv :> (so much easier)
We are hoping that this Cyclone Louie that is currently a long way off the coast doesn't cause trouble for us by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.
Anyway, I am off to scrap more baby pics.


  1. Good luck with all those layouts Lea! Pleased it's you and not me!

    Yum...the cake sounds delicious!

  2. Looking forward to Friday evening!